Charmingly situated in the heart of one of Germany's largest wine-growing regions, this vibrant metropolis fascinates visitors from all over the world. The state capital of Baden-Württemberg delights tourists not only by virtue of its magnificent panorama, its impressive gardens and parks, its fine squares, splendid palaces and buildings in a wide range of architectural styles, but also by its cultural and culinary diversity and its typical Swabian ingenuity.

Kunstmuseum, Königsbau, Schlossplatz, Stuttgart

One main attraction for visitors to Stuttgart is the sensational Mercedes-Benz Museum. On a total area of approx. 16.500 sq.m. spread over 9 levels, some 160 vehicles are on display. In January 2009 Porsche also opened a new, spectacular museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen with 80 stylish and historical sports cars on show.

Stuttgart is home to world-class art. Stuttgart State Gallery with its outstanding art collection is one of Germany's most popular art museums. A further “temple of art” is Stuttgart Museum of Art, a glass cube opened in 2005, which at night seems to hover above the Königsstrasse like a light sculpture.

A visit to the unique “Wilhelma”, Europe's largest zoological and botanical gardens, is also an enjoyable experience at any time of year.

Stuttgart's mineral springs are the second most prolific in the whole of Europe. Those who value the medicinal qualities of mineral water can relax in one of the three mineral spas in Stuttgart's Bad Cannstatt district.

In the evening we recommend a visit to the famous Stuttgart Ballet or the award-winning, internationally acclaimed Stuttgart State Opera at the magnificent Opera House. For theatre lovers Stuttgart offers a wide choice of shows at over 40 different venues.

Stuttgart is renowned for both Swabian and international first-class cuisine. Many award-winning chefs have successfully established themselves here, and along with the Swabian “Wengerter” (wine growers) they gladden the hearts not only of Stuttgart's inhabitants but also of epicures from all over the world.

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Summit Location


The L-Bank is committed to ensuring a high-performing economy, a high quality of life and a secure future. For individuals who want to gainfully employ their strengths or need support to develop them. For businesses that create jobs through their commitment and for communities seeking to improve the quality of their inhabitants' lives. In short: for Baden-Württemberg.

As the State bank of Baden-Württemberg, the L-Bank deploys a broad spectrum of financing instruments to fulfill its development mission for enterprises and families of Baden-Württemberg. The L-Bank does not compete with banks and thrift  institutions, but instead works with them as an equal - toward the common goal of making Baden-Württemberg an even better place to live.

The L-Bank has a strong owner with the State, which in its capacity as guarantor affords the bank an excellent position in money and capital markets. The guarantee of the Land for the liabilities of the L-Bank provides an excellent basis for low-cost refinancing.

Finpluse takes place at the L-Bank Rotunde ("Friedrichsbau"), the event location of the State bank of Baden-Württemberg in the heart of the City of Stuttgart.