Stuttgart, Germany

November 5

Finpulse - Regulatory Summit

A new story starts now: Börse Stuttgart joins its expertise and reputation from the well-known MiFID Congress and FinTech-Days Stuttgart for a new format – a regulatory summit on the digitalization of financial markets (e.g., Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and ICOs). Finpulse will give you an excellent opportunity to learn about and exchange on regulatory initiatives with experts, regulators, researchers, and entrepreneurs. 


How will regulation shape the future of trading and investing in cryptocurrencies?


Bringing order to initial coin offerings – opportunities and risks, best practices, guidelines and regulatory innovations.

Blockchain Technology

The whole story about blockchain solutions and its impact on the decentralization of market places and how it will disrupt of traditional business models.

more information coming soon

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Boerse Stuttgarts's Finpulse - Thank you very much for your interest in Finpulse 2018. We hope you enjoyed our program and had interesting and fruitful discussions about the future of regulation.

Thanks again for being a part of Finpulse. We look forward to seeing you on the next regulatory summit in 2019.  - Interview Börse Stuttgart with Keynote Speech Verena Ross, Executive Director, European Securities and Markets Autority (ESMA)